COVID-Fueled Divisions Only Have “One Thing” In Common

Over the past few years, there has been so much division regarding perceptions about COVID and various methods of handling and responding to this virus.

It’s no secret that some folks are all in favor of shutting things down, locking people up, and making everyone mask up and vaccinate. Despite the documented ineffectiveness of these measures for years now, some people will never stop being supporters of restrictions and mandates.

Then, the other group of Americans believes the show must go on. It means rolling back restrictions and mandates while empowering individuals to make their own healthcare choices.

There’s no denying that the divisions between these two groups are very much alive and not going away anytime soon. However, PJ Media reports that one commonality exists between these opposites.

While deep divides exist on mandates and restrictions, groups that favor and against these measures harbor mistrust towards Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, and the CDC.

In perspective, 55% of the nation doesn’t support how Biden has dealt with the virus he vowed to eradicate. Meanwhile, merely 30.8% of the country trusts Fauci to provide COVID data. It is compounded by the less than five in ten Americans who rely on the CDC.

Finally, only 10.2% of Americans regard the media as a trustworthy source for information about this virus.

Americans are starting to put more faith and trust in officials who are geographically close to them. For instance, people are much more likely to trust their doctors and local health officials than they are to trust people like Fauci or the director of the CDC.

Over the past couple of years, the medical community has taken a lot of heat for its messaging regarding COVID. Due to the neverending fearmongering, some Americans have even started tuning out these leaders.

Other people are frustrated with medical experts repeatedly moving the goalposts and expecting Americans to fall in line with no questions asked. For instance, some fully vaccinated people have pushed back against calls to wear face coverings, despite their vaccination status.

It is due to the reality that health officials claimed COVID vaccines were the key to throwing away masks. However, when new virus variants started to emerge, health officials endorsed the return of masking and mask mandates.

The consensus from the American public couldn’t be any more apparent. Biden, Fauci, the CDC, and other establishment ilks are not liked or trusted. They’d be doing everyone a favor by riding off into the sunset forever.