COVID Or Not, The Show Must Go On

With growing numbers of people across the country, it’s becoming readily apparent that health officials are never going to give everyone the all-clear to return to normal.

There will always be some new variant or strain or some reason Americans need to hold out for a bit longer, wear masks, take another booster shot, etc. Things are getting to the point where health officials are overplaying their hands, laying them on too thick, thereby causing people to wake up.

If you let the so-called experts tell it, everyone needs to be wary this Christmas because of omicron, the latest COVID variant. However, it should come as a relief to know that a majority of people are not allowing what’s become a psyop to dominate their holiday season, as PJ Media has confirmed.

According to the STAT-Harris poll, 73% of Americans vaccinated against COVID, and more than 75% of Americans who are not vaccinated against COVID, have every intention of moving forward with their plans for this holiday season.

The data remains comparable to and in keeping with the percentages of both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals who confirm their willingness to go to a restaurant to eat out.

It isn’t all, though. AAA reported last week that more than 109 million people plan to travel for Christmas. Significant majorities of holiday travelers will be traveling via air or their vehicles.

AAA also confirmed that 2021’s travel rates are expected to pose serious competition to pre-COVID 2019 Christmas travel rates. It comes on the heels of 2021 Thanksgiving travel rivaling its 2019 counterpart.

The fearmonger is not going to work for much longer. Health officials screamed throughout 2020 that having COVID vaccines was the key to normalcy. Now, they want to move the goalposts yet again and find another reason to keep people afraid, isolated, and under the thumb of bureaucracy.

The reality is that it’s not feasible to expect people to shut down and cancel their plans every time a new strain or development regarding COVID arrives. We have face masks, COVID vaccines, COVID booster shots, and there’s already talk of more shots coming due to new variants.

Enough is enough. If health officials had their way, everyone would still be under shelter-in-place orders, and God knows what else. Anyone who voluntarily wishes to return to lockdowns by their own volition may do so. However, they no longer have the right to demand that others do the same.