Crime in Los Angeles is Worse Than Anyone Imagined

After decades of being controlled by left-wing leadership, Los Angeles has some very real problems.

The homelessness crisis is just one example. To this day, there are multiple tents lining various streets of Los Angeles. Many people don’t feel safe in the community; yet, the city’s leaders aren’t taking any real steps to fix this crisis.

Instead, just last week, Los Angeles County implemented a mandatory mask order for anyone using public transit.

Sadly, whether or not people are masking up is the least of Los Angeles’ problems. The massive crime within the city’s transportation system alone is what community leaders should worry about, per PJ Media.

How Crime Has Ruined the LA Transportation System

In the Los Angeles Metro system, crime is far more rampant than any officials in the community want to talk about. Videos of lawless offenses on the city’s buses, trains, and other systems of transportation continue to make the rounds.

People are not safe when they’re riding to and from work, or any location for that matter. Robberies are a huge problem, as are assaults and other violent crimes.

Much of the suffering stems from the left-wing officials who oversee Los Angeles’ boards of directors and supervisors. These are the very same people who put in place policies that allow for Los Angeles’ crime rate to be so high today.

Seeing the results of these policies don’t appear to be swaying officials in any capacity. In the city of Los Angeles, lax bail laws are still an issue and police are not empowered to truly do their jobs.

Even the Metro system itself doesn’t have a great system when it comes to the need to protect innocent civilians. Offenders are allowed to get five different tickets before they get removed.

More police officers would play a huge role in solving this problem; yet, between the city’s officials and pro-crime district attorneys, no one in Los Angeles should count on a greater law enforcement presence anytime soon.

Similar Problems With Public Transportation

The problems with Los Angeles’ transportation system are far from anomalies.

In New York City, the subway has become very unsafe. There are multiple disturbing reports of people being robbed, attacked, and even thrown in front of moving trains.

Many perpetrators behind these assaults appear to suffer from mental health issues, homelessness, or possibly both.

Meanwhile, the mayor of New York City determined that firing police officers for not taking COVID vaccines was a good idea.