Crime In Seattle Is So Bad, The Sheriff Was Forced To Make A Decision

Working from home has almost become a new normal in the workforce for anyone who can do so. It is mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and risk of infection in the workplace and gave the employees the ability to stay home. However, King County Sheriff told the Seattle Washington courthouse employees to stay home over safety concerns due to a man attempting to rape a courthouse employee in the bathroom.

Imagine your workplace being so bad that they tell you to stay home because of criminal activity? The King County Sheriff’s office says that a man hid in the women’s restroom and tried to rape an employee when she went inside the bathroom. The women screamed and fought back, and a co-worker intervened and used force on the man during the arrest. King County Sheriff’s office said that the man was homeless in the area and wasn’t sure where he resided, but it may be right next to the courthouse where a sizable homeless camp is located. The homeless camp has recently been the site of homicide and several assaults.

Want to defund the police now?

Nobody anticipates needing the police because most people in our society are relatively safe. When things like this happen, it’s more apparent now than ever that law enforcement has a job to do, and it cannot be done at home. Law enforcement plays a role in society by dealing with the most violent among us. They proactively go after the dangerous men and women who would eventually commit heinous acts and stop them when able. The frustrating thing law enforcement constantly has to deal with is the judicial system and their leniency in sentencing criminals somewhat. With the courts being shut down, it’s been more difficult to keep dangerous people off the street.

Nobody has the right to disrupt society and disrupt the judicial process, but they have the ability. Criminal activity has risen considerably since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Murder rates in Washington State have risen 68% since 2019, and rape was down from 381 in 2019 to 276 in 2020. That number is on track to be the same, as 129 rapes have been reported in 2021.

During the 2020 riots in the city, over 200 cops quit, most likely owing to leadership issues within the police department.

KOMO NEWS reported on May 18th, 2021, that Jim Rogers, presiding judge of King County Superior Court, stated, “We are very worried that as hundreds of people come back to the courthouse, witnesses and jurors, that City Hall Park is going to cause a serious public health threat to them.”

In the eyes of Democrats, no problem exists until it hurts them personally, and they have no choice but to make changes. Though it’s doubtful the assaulted employee favored the camp’s placement, the City Mayor and other entities have to take action, or more instances such as this will take place.