Critics Want DOJ To Open Criminal Probes Of DeSantis’ Migrant Transports

MSNBC guest and The Nation reporter Elie Mystal, while appearing on the “Mehdi Hasan Show” Sunday evening, called for Attorney General Merrick Garland to charge Republican Govs. Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott with kidnapping.

And now a group of attorneys representing the migrants flown from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard wants the Department of Justice to open criminal investigations.

Abbott began shipping illegal immigrants to Democratic-run “sanctuary” cities in April, and last week DeSantis flew 50 Venezuelan migrants to liberal enclave Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

Mystal admitted that the “stunts” may be legal under the law but used that as another excuse to bash the U.S. for what he said is the nation’s long history of forced or coerced relocation of non-Whites.

Responding to President Joe Biden’s claim that Abbott’s and DeSantis’ actions are “un-American,” Mystal disagreed. The MSNBC guest instead declared it to be “strangely American” to “cart” non-Whites around the country.

However, the guest went on to claim that the flight of migrants from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard was done under “false pretenses.” This, he felt, was a violation of federal kidnapping laws and called on Garland to follow up with legal ramifications.

Similarly, a group called Lawyers for Civil Rights representing about 30 of the Martha’s Vineyard group asked for probes into what they called the “political stunt.”

Letters sent to US Attorney Rachael Rollins and Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey charged that the group “strongly believe(s)” that federal laws were broken by the flights. The letters state that the group’s clients boarded the planes under false pretenses.

The attorneys said that false promises were made to the migrants concerning work and school opportunities along with immigration assistance.

They claimed that many of their clients suffered “deep trauma” in their home countries and were exploited by their vulnerability.

The true issue at work is the lack of federal immigration policy and enforcement that leads governors to respond in this fashion. Immigration should fall on the nation and not be a crippling blow to those who just happen to live near the southern border, and the White House knows this.