Daycare Worker Arrested After 11-Month-Old Tests Positive For Cocaine In Wisconsin

A daycare worker in Wisconsin has been charged after an 11-month-old child tested positive for cocaine. Milwaukee County prosecutors have charged Passion Watson, a 24-year-old employee at a Kindercare facility, with “possession of cocaine on or near certain places” following the incident.

The case came to light when the child’s mother took her son to Children’s Wisconsin hospital for evaluation in May. She noticed several abrasions on her baby, who is now one year old. The boy’s urine tested positive for benzoylecgonine, a primary metabolite of cocaine, according to a report by ABC12.

After ruling out the mother as a suspect by searching her home, detectives turned their attention to the boy’s daycare. A drug-detecting dog alerted authorities to a backpack found in the closet of an infant room. Inside Passion Watson’s backpack, investigators discovered a white substance. Watson admitted to using cocaine socially about twice a month but claimed she was unaware of the substance being in her backpack at the time. She was arrested at the daycare facility.

The boy’s mother expressed her devastation to FOX6, saying, “My life is forever changed. How could you do that to an innocent baby?” She described the impact on her son, noting that he came home with a bruised nose, a black eye, and scratches, prompting the medical visit. “Every day, he is coming here thinking he’s safe. I can’t imagine how scared he was.”

The mother also described her son’s behavior since the incident, stating, “He’s just reckless, he’s agitated – like he doesn’t play with his toys.” The family’s legal representation is advocating for additional charges of child neglect due to the physical injuries the child sustained.

Court records indicate that Watson posted a $1,500 bond after her arrest. The investigation continues as the community grapples with the shocking revelation and its implications for childcare safety.

This case highlights the critical importance of thorough background checks and ongoing vigilance in childcare settings to ensure the safety and well-being of all children.