DC Will Deny Instruction to School Children Without COVID-19 Vaccines

At this time, it’s been more than well-established that when people take COVID-19 vaccines, there aren’t any guarantees of them being shielded from coming down with this infection or passing it on to others.

In spite of this, there are still certain officials standing by COVID-19 vaccine mandates as conditions for people to participate in jobs and other parts of society.

Even the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently acknowledged that vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals shouldn’t be treated any differently. Yet, this doesn’t make much difference to certain people in charge.

Washington DC, for instance, is now directly denying education to children who do not have COVID-19 vaccines.

Reviewing DC’s Policy on Children Returning to School
During a press briefing earlier this week, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) announced that while children will be able to return to classrooms on Monday, they’ll need COVID-19 vaccines to be admitted entry.

For a while, parents who weren’t comfortable with their children taking these vaccines had the option of remote learning. Though Bowser said even this would not be available going forward.

The left-wing mayor stated families will be made aware of the dates by which their children need to be vaccinated before confirming in-person learning is the only educational path that will be available.

While making these remarks, Bowser did not explain the science that supports keeping children out of classrooms if they do not have COVID-19 vaccines.

A Huge Disservice to Children in Washington DC
In the nation’s capital, roughly 40% of African-American children do not have COVID-19 vaccines. One reporter with the Daily Signal, therefore, questioned Bowser on why the school district is upholding this policy when so many black children will be adversely impacted.

However, the DC mayor denied the data presented by the reporter. Bowser claimed the DC policy is about protecting public health. Yet, there were no details from her about any data that shows only vaccinated children are safe to return to classrooms.

In fact, science has consistently shown that children are much less vulnerable to facing serious illness and death stemming from COVID-19. Bowser made no mention of this whatsoever during Thursday’s press conference.