Deborah Birx Is Playing Defense for the Biden Administration

During the Trump administration, Dr. Deborah Birx worked as the coronavirus response coordinator for the White House. While doing so, Birx generated a fair amount of controversy.

During Thanksgiving 2020, Birx advised Americans not to travel for the holiday. But she personally made sure to take a cross-country trip to be with her own family for Thanksgiving.

This angered a lot of people who were dealing with shutdowns, forced business closures, and travel restrictions. Many questioned why anyone should follow the advice of Birx if she didn’t abide by her own guidance.

Now, Birx is back in the public eye. This time, the former White House coronavirus response coordinator is defending the Biden administration’s messaging on COVID.

Birx on the Biden Administration and COVID Vaccines
During Birx’s testimony before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked her whether or not the Biden administration was honest in its messaging about coronavirus vaccines.

One of the key claims from this administration was that COVID-19 vaccines would keep people safe from getting the virus or passing it to others. Biden himself even stated this directly; however, this was proven not to be the case.

However, rather than saying that the federal government was lying about this issue, Birx claimed officials were “hopeful” that COVID-19 vaccines would be able to stop transmission and infection.

Jordan pressed Birx again, this time saying the Biden administration was either being dishonest, guessing about the facts or “hoping.” To this end, Birx again reiterated that the Biden administration “hoped” vaccines would shield people from catching or spreading the virus.

More Claims From Birx
In addition to calling the Biden administration’s untrue claims about COVID vaccines “hope,” Birx also made some unflattering claims about the Trump administration.

She mentioned that Dr. Scott Atlas asked for the suppression of COVID-19 information ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Birx additionally claimed to have faced pressure under Trump to mislead the general public about COVID-19.

Under Birx’s guidance and advice, a lot of people suffered from restrictions that uprooted their lives forever. Many folks are therefore taking her testimony before Congress with a grain of salt.