Defunding the Police Has Backfired Big Time

The movement to defund the police arrived in 2020 when Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists decided that law enforcement officers somehow carried a vendetta against black Americans.

BLM, along with other left-wing activist groups then began rallying for police departments to be defunded, if not outrightly abolished altogether. Eventually, left-wing leaders gave in, cutting funding for law enforcement and claiming the money would be better spent elsewhere.

Many conservatives warned that defunding the police would lead to a massive uptick in crime, putting communities in danger. However, BLM didn’t listen to these warnings and neither did the Democrats who cut funding to law enforcement.

As a result, defunding the police led to a rise in black Americans losing their lives to crime, according to PJ Media.

Another Stain on the Defund the Police Movement

In 2020, there was a 2,457 rise in the number of black Americans who were killed. It is not a coincidence that this took place during the height of the movement to defund law enforcement.

Portland, New York City, and other communities under tight leftist leadership listened to Democratic activists who demanded that police be defunded. On top of the rise of black Americans who lost their lives, crime in general has skyrocketed in these communities.

With fewer police officers around, criminals feel more emboldened than they’ve ever been to carry out violence offenses against others. Again, this was something Republicans repeatedly warned would happen.

The leaders and officials who chose to defund the police anyway now have blood on their hands. Defunding the police did not bring about the utopia that BLM or other similar groups claimed it would.

Unfortunately, some Democrats to this day, such as Rep. Cori Bush (D-MS), are still calling to defund law enforcement. Meanwhile, Bush is also spending top dollar to ensure that she’s never without private security.

A Hasty Walkback from Democrats

Not only has defunding the police led to an increase in black Americans being murdered, but it also politically backfired on the Democrat Party.

This is why many top Democrats have come out and said they’re not on board with cutting funding for law enforcement officers.

Claims of this nature have come from Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other Democrats who don’t want to suffer the political fallout of such a terrible policy. Unfortunately, even with all the fallout from defunding the police, the notion that this is not a good idea remains contested within the Democrat Party.