Democrat Conference Sponsored by Vaccine Giant Pfizer

The Florida Democratic Party (FDP) landed pharmaceutical giant and COVID-19 vaccine merchant Pfizer as a corporate sponsor of its annual leadership conference taking place this weekend.

The gathering is taking place Friday through Sunday and has prominent Democrat lobbying groups as sponsors along with the Big Pharma leader in vaccine manufacturing and sales. ActBlue, the payment processing firm that provides services to the Democrat Party and Black Lives Matter, is another corporate sponsor. The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) is also a major sponsor.

The FDP is hosting the “Leadership Blue” conference in Tampa, where party officials and candidates from around the state will convene for meetings and training seminars.

While ordinary observers would see Pfizer’s sponsorship as yet another massive conflict of interest, it will almost certainly pass by without any scrutiny. The company’s position as a COVID-19 vaccine producer that enjoys a governmental waiver of all liability or legal challenges would normally make its direct support of lawmakers suspect.

The Biden administration’s Food and Drug Administration has continued to approve Pfizer’s vaccines and boosters even though the company has concealed results from clinical trials and studies that indicate natural immunity is superior to the vaccines.

The membership of the FDP has sharply criticized Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for his refusal to implement vaccine mandates for schools and businesses that would certainly boost Pfizer’s corporate profits.

Pfizer has spent record amounts on lobbyists who are former government employees connected to Joe Biden to press the FDA for various approvals for its experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. A Pfizer scientist was caught on hidden camera video last October admitting the company is profiteering off of mandates for use of its vaccines.

The company paid 77 lobbyists for services in 2019. That number grew to 102 in 2020 and 92 in 2021.

Outside of political lobbying, Pfizer has spent huge amounts sponsoring media programming and events, technology conferences, and the globalist World Economic Forum.

The FDP conference this weekend was moved to the Tampa Marriott from its originally planned location at Disney World. The move came after LGBTQ activists groups complained that the Disney Corporation did not act quickly enough to condemn the Parental Rights in Education Law signed by Gov. DeSantis.