Democrat Mayor Stands Up To Biden Administration Over Title 42

The southern border is so bad that Democrats are turning against President Joe Biden’s administration. Texas has seen the worst of this as crime and destruction of property along the border have increased significantly.

The problem that many are seeing is the end of Title 42. Laredo, Texas Mayor Pete Saenz, who is a Democrat, wants to keep Title 42 in place because of the repercussions of its removal. Title 42 is the last stronghold that’s allowing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to deport illegal immigrants.

Saenz said, “We don’t want the Del Rio situation.” He is referring to Haitian migrants that crossed into the United States and stayed under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, for months awaiting processing. A total of around 14,000 migrants were living under the bridge which caused an uproar from then left and right. The left was upset about the treatment of the migrants and the right was shocked by the number of migrants. To be fair, the migrants weren’t forced to enter the U.S. and could have left at any time. It was a choice that they made on their own.

Saenz is concerned about human smuggling and the drug trade that is led by local gangs with ties to the cartels. Those activities bring violent activity with them and take up valuable resources, driving citizens out of the city.

Saenz also said, “Maybe have a plan B, in the event that plan A doesn’t work.” Currently, Biden’s administration has no plan B. Congressional Republicans are trying to pass a bill that would require a policy to take Title 42’s place, and some Democrats have joined the fight.

After Title 42 is removed, there are speculations that a mass wave of illegal immigrants will cross into the U.S., because they know that the chances of deportation will be significantly lessened. CNN reported, “About 5,000 migrants are waiting in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico alone.”

Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus said that he wasn’t aware of the situation, but “we follow the law and if they meet that criteria that’s what they’re going to be entitled to. If they do not meet that criteria, any of a number of other circumstances could cause them to be expelled or to be prosecuted.”

The simple solution is to stop mass migration and process those who come through border checkpoints. The difficulty is convincing the Biden administration that mass migration is a problem.