Democrat Plans To Tank The Economy Is Going Full Speed Ahead

Our nation is on the brink of economic collapse, but politicians and tech giants could care less. They must be insulated from increasing prices and stagnating income. 

It is as if the Empire is bearing down on our tiny rebel nation and all we can do is send out a desperate plea for a savior. “Help me, Joe Manchin. You’re my only hope.” 

Bonnie Tyler is singing, “Where have all the good men gone, and where are all the gods? Where’s the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds?” 

All we have to offer is an aging politician. Does anything that Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV) is playing hardball? This guy can barely toss a pitch over the plate. 

Look, it is remarkable that some Democrats are putting up some token resistance to their crazy party. But this ship has sailed. The Democrats will exert maximum pressure and get what they want. Manchin acts the way we think that Republicans should work. But he is still a member of a party that will not abandon its existential commitment to socializing this country.

Just like Obamacare, Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi (CA) will pass these bills, as many as she wants, and then you will find out about the new taxes you now owe and how your prices will increase. It is like her ice cream; she gets as much as she wants whenever she wants it. 

Manchin’s party loves taxing and spending. That has not changed. Republicans have only put up token resistance along the way. It will not change. 

Joe Manchin will not become a Republican because he gets press coverage now and votes from Republicans and Democrats back home. He knows he is the most influential man on Capitol Hill, a position once occupied by the likes of John McCain. 

Manchin continued to declare last week that his position had not moved. He wants a bill with $1.5 trillion in spending instead of $3.5 trillion. That is a $2 trillion gap and essentially a bridge too far and to nowhere. Joe wants to run this country like a responsible family or business. He believes that income should exceed or match expenses. What a novel idea! 

Democrat Representative John Yarmuth (KY) disagreed with Manchin. He ridiculed the West Virginians’ ignorance and lack of comprehension. Yarmuth, who attended the prestigious Georgetown University Law, explained how the government does not need to manage its budget wisely. Yarmuth knows that the federal government does whatever it wants and creates money out of thin air, prints it, or harvests it from the money tree. 

Yarmuth knows that in the grand scheme of things, $3.5 trillion is unimportant. He seems to ask the philosophical and ethical questions no one else will, like is money real? And on what should we base financial decisions? Why not simply pretend we have an unlimited supply of dollars? For Yarmuth, it does not look as bad if you apply the budget for this year over the next ten years. It is an impossibly lousy explanation. It would be like taking your mortgage payments for this year and only paying half. Then take the other half and add to the principle, upon which interest will grow, for the next nine years. If you think Yarmuth knows what he is talking about, then you should not oversee your own life. 

The game has consistently been named “Kick The Can Down The Road.” But we have run out of road.