Democrat Presidential Candidate Displayed ‘Uncontrollable Rage’ Toward 2020 Campaign Staff

Marianne Williamson, who recently announced her 2024 presidential campaign, allegedly displayed frequent bouts of “uncontrollable rage” and mistreated her campaign staff during her failed presidential run in 2020.

The Democrat candidate attempted to portray herself as a spiritual leader throughout her 2020 presidential campaign, boasting about her career as a self-help guru while running against a crowded field of Democrat candidates. Now, according to a new report from Politico, it appears that her kind-hearted personality was just a façade.

Former staffers spoke with Politico about the “uncontrollable rage” they experienced behind the scenes.

“It would be foaming, spitting, uncontrollable rage,” one former staffer told the outlet. “It was traumatic. And the experience, in the end, was terrifying.”

According to the former staffers, Williamson subjected them to unpredictable episodes of anger throughout the 2020 election cycle. Her actions went well beyond the typical responses to the stress of a presidential campaign, as it has been alleged that Williamson would even throw her phone at staffers or yell at them until they cried.

They further noted that the Democrat candidate’s outbursts got so loud that in at least four instances, hotel staff came to the room to assess the situation.

The former campaign aides also recounted an occasion in which Williamson got so angry over the logistics of a campaign trip that she repeatedly pounded on a car door until her hand swelled. She reportedly went on an urgent care for treatment after the incident.

The staffers revealed that they had been silent about Williamson’s actions for years due to the nondisclosure agreements they were required to sign upon being hired.

“The message was: ‘Don’t f— with me because I will make your life a living hell,’” one aide told Politico. “So no one f—ed with her.’”

These allegations come soon after Williamson announced her 2024 presidential campaign, which makes her the first Democrat to challenge President Joe Biden, who has said that he intends to run for reelection.

While Williamson’s candidacy is considered to be a long shot, her former staffers have stated that they felt it was necessary to speak up so that voters could understand the truth about the Democrat candidate.

“There was a period after the campaign ended where there was intense trauma bonding,” another aide said. “It was like, ‘What the f— did we just go through?’”

Williamson has denied the accusations, calling them “slanderous” and “categorically untrue,” though she did admit that a hotel employee had checked on her room once because of noise levels.

“I find it hard to believe that people in politics have never raised their voice before,” the Democrat candidate told Politico.

She also admitted that the allegations of her repeatedly hitting a car door were true, but brushed them off because a “car door is not a person.”

“I would never be physically hurtful to a person,” she claimed.

Williamson also responded to the report during a recent interview with Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto, claiming that the allegations were “dirty tricks that mean you’re rattling someone.”