Democratic Candidate Refuses to Debate GOP Opponent

Across the nation, there is a pattern beginning to emerge of Democrats not debating their GOP opponents.

In Pennsylvania, Democrat John Fetterman is running against Republican Mehmet Oz for a seat in the US Senate. Oz has challenged Fetterman to a debate on numerous occasions. However, Fetterman continues to decline, citing a stroke he suffered several months ago.

A similar scenario is playing out in the Arizona governor’s race. GOP candidate Kari Lake challenged her Democratic opponent, Katie Hobbs, to a debate. Just like Fetterman in Pennsylvania, Hobbs refused to show up for the event.

A Terrible Look for Hobbs
Unlike Fetterman, Hobbs did not have a stroke that she can cite as her reasoning for refusing to debate her Republican opponent.

This time, Hobbs is claiming that because of Lake standing up for election security, this is grounds to turn down a debate. Not only did Hobbs refuse Lake’s request to debate, but the Arizona Democrat was clear that she won’t show up for a debate against her GOP rival ever.

Hobbs’ attitude isn’t likely to do her any favors. She’s already behind Lake in the polls. Meanwhile, many voters tend to frown upon candidates refusing to show up for debates.

In many instances, this is viewed by the public as a candidate subtly admitting their inability to defend their policies and ideas.

A Clear Message From Kari Lake
In the wake of her Democratic opponent refusing to debate her, Lake hasn’t minced words. The America First conservative not only cited Hobbs’ refusal as cowardly, but she’s drawing attention to the Democrat’s poor policies as well.

Hobbs, at this time, retains a position on a board that’s very much in favor of defunding the police. In the wake of how unpopular police defunding has become with the public, amid soaring crime rates, it would be difficult for Hobbs to defend this on a debate stage.

Between now and November, Lake has been clear that she’ll continue campaigning in Arizona and explaining how she’ll make the lives of state residents better as governor.

It’s more apparent than ever that Hobbs’ refusal to show up for debates isn’t going to slow down Lake in the slightest.