Democratic-Controlled States Bleeding Residents To Florida

Besides the massive illegal migration from external sources caused by Biden’s open border policies, the nation is also experiencing an internal migration. Citizens are voting with their feet, and their vote increasingly goes to Florida.

Despite the doom and gloom by leftist naysayers who hate any government controlled by Republicans, the Sunshine State is a success story.

Even better, it is coming at the expense of far-left Democratic enclaves.

Besides being the nation’s number one destination for movers, Florida is also now the recipient of billions in income dollars from its new arrivals. And more than half of that total comes from just five states.

They are New York, Illinois, New Jersey, California and Pennsylvania.

According to the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s 2023 Business and Economic Midyear Report, nearly $23 billion in income has been siphoned from these leftist strongholds. New York leads the way with a staggering $9.3 billion in lost income headed south.

But what else do these five states that are bleeding populations have in common? Each is ruled exclusively by Democrats.

That’s right. Each has Democratic governors and legislatures controlled by the left wing. Even their large cities are almost 100% dominated by the party of Biden. New York and New Jersey do not have a single Republican elected to statewide office.

This means that all should be liberal paradises. Leftist Democrats are in complete control and rarely have to pay even lip service to bipartisanship. Instead, they are free to implement their ideals and reap the results.

And those results are increasingly people fleeing across the borders and heading to red states such as Florida.

Their destination does not feature a personal income tax and was one of the first to reopen its doors during the COVID-19 pandemic. The state shies away from burdening individuals and businesses with oppressive regulations.

And even more, the repugnant woke educational practices and gender ideology rampant in the five declining states is not welcome south of the Georgia and Alabama lines. Florida took a decisive stand against radicalism, and Americans took note.

In fact, the state reclaimed the top spot at the destination of choice for U.S. movers for the first time in over six decades last year. Its 1.9% increase from 2021 to 2022 outpaced its rivals, including Idaho, which was the previous champion.