Democrats Agree That US Needs A New President

Democrats are swiftly coming around to the GOP’s belief that President Joe Biden needs to be a one-and-done chief executive. The leftist party now joins a vast majority of Americans in agreement that the White House needs a new occupant.

The figures from the latest Economist/YouGov poll are in, and fully 52% of voters say they would not select Biden again in 2024. Even further, only a miniscule 26% said they would vote for him in two years.

As for his own, only 46% of Democrats agreed they would vote for a second Biden term. This, along with 79% of Republicans and 53% of Independents, spells major trouble for the administration.

And the calls for another nominee are coming far and wide.

Just days ago, Ohio Democratic candidate for Senate Tim Ryan declared that his party needs a different “generation of leadership” and that Biden should decline to seek a second stint in office.

By CNN’s own polling numbers, the network was forced to admit that “large majorities of Democrats” desire to see someone other than the current president in the White House after the 2024 election.

Republicans and Independents clearly want to see another occupant in the Oval Office, but a great example of the Democratic conundrum comes from Rep. Ellissa Slotkin (D-MI).

Forced to confess that she would support the president if he is on the Democratic ticket in 2024, Slotkin told NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday that the party needs “new blood.”

Allowing for the fact that he is the sitting president and thus deserving of (at least some) support from within his party, the congresswoman said that she has been “very vocal” with Democratic House leaders about change.

As Slotkin put it, “we need a new generation, we need new blood. Period.” And that blood, she said, needs to be in the “Democratic Party, in the House, the Senate, and the White House.”

Where that new blood will come from at this point, if it does, is anyone’s guess. Vice President Kamala Harris’ daily mission seems to be to prove that she is not a quality replacement, and no one else has stepped forward to fill a void that is not yet there.