Democrats Are Coming Towards The End Of Their Political Careers

Throughout history, greed has been the downfall of so many people. Ambition and grand visions are fine. Yet, whenever people become greedy, the beginning of the end arrives for them.

There’s no better example of that than today’s Democrat Party. The outcome of the 2020 presidential election, coupled with Democrats taking back the House and Senate, indeed led to the party reaching levels of greed not seen before.

Democrats began pushing for radically unpopular measures like packing the Supreme Court and granting Puerto Rico and Washington D.C statehood. Democrats passed a $1.9 trillion spending bill without a single Republican vote and thought absolutely nothing of it in Congress.

Since January, Democrats’ attitude has been that they can do whatever they please since they control the federal government. However, this is genuinely starting to backfire on leftists, as Fox Business reports.

Last month, the Republican National Committee raised millions of more dollars than the Democratic National Committee. The former pulled in $13.8 million, while the latter had only $11.4 million.

Throughout 2021 altogether, the GOP has managed to raise $136.6 million, while Democrats can only boast about $132.9 million. On top of Republicans bringing in more money than Democrats, polls also show that voters favor Republicans controlling Congress over Democrats.

These numbers come on top of redistricting that favors Republicans and a record number of Democrats retiring from Congress. To top it all off, public sentiment, in general, is turning against Democrats and towards Republicans; this was evidenced recently in a South Carolina mayoral race and the Virginia gubernatorial election.

Meanwhile, as the Democrat Party flounders, their president is also not doing so well. Currently, Biden is at a 38% approval rating nationwide. Meanwhile, the president’s support ratings are also down in states vital for senatorial races in 2022.

The incoming defeat of the Democrat Party sends a general lesson that transcends politics. This lesson is that hubris and greed never lead to favorable outcomes for afflicted individuals.

Earlier this year, Democrats openly professed that they didn’t need to work with Republicans since they had the majority in Congress. Now, months later, record numbers of Democrats resign, struggle in the polls, or lose out to redistricting.

Meanwhile, Republicans are better positioned than ever to retake the House of Representatives and the Senate. A new day is coming to America very, very soon.