Democrats Are INTENTIONALLY Wasting Your Money And ENCOURAGING Illegal Immigration

Everyone knows that Joe Biden does not make decisions. Even Kamala Harris and Charlamagne Tha God know that he’s just keeping her seat warm. Biden is not a leader. He is a corrupt follower. He is the definition of a milquetoast liberal who gets played by the establishment cronies.

So when you look at the Southern Border, it is an example of the Democrat agenda run amok. Democrats would prefer to allow boundary materials to decay. They are purposely harming Texas, following federal guidelines upheld by various federal courts to enforce our national integrity. When the state proposed using the posts, steel, and rivets needed to build the barrier, the Democrat Party running this country through various agencies shut it down.

The Biden-Harris maladministration has forsaken its obligation to protect this nation. It has driven Biden’s poll numbers into the ground, but people are expressing their frustration with his party and liberalism, not Biden per se. The sad fact is even when Biden leaves, Harris will be right there ready to pick up the liberal ball and run with it.

His treatment of the supply chain crisis has perpetuated this disaster as inflation is now at a record-breaking high.

Hispanic voters in south Texas are voting their values rather than skin tones. As illegal immigrants flood this country and are transported throughout the nation, people wonder when this stops.

A massive amount of building materials are being held along the border. US citizens have paid for these. But, rather than using them, they are decaying on the ground. Rather than fixing the border wall or offering the materials to Texas, the Democrat Party administrators refuse to use these resources. So much for sustainability.

Suppose the Democrats wanted to stop illegal immigration. They could, of course. They are encouraging a flood of dependents. They are actively undermining the construction that the Texans have picked up. More immigrants are invited to cross the border, exacerbating the additional crimes attached to covert operations, drug smuggling, abuse, and trafficking.

Mexican cartels are human-pirating rackets and some of the world’s most terrible violent and malicious desperados. Prices charged by coyotes are surging like everything else. Texas has taken it upon internal divisions to stop the flood. Texas border patrol is constructing a wall on state property since the feds will not do it. Biden does not have to issue formal orders to cease construction. These agencies are now populated by fanatics and activists who are drooling at the prospect of increasing immigration and building a secure Democrat voting block.

Even Fauci admitted that COVID-19 from unvaccinated immigrants is not a concern. Food deficiencies, overpowering social services, and eradicating the safety of inhabitants along the southern border are devastating the economies of these towns.

Biden is simply presiding over a sinking presidency. He does not care about this issue. That is why he stuck Kamala Harris with it. Biden expected her effort to fail because he knows there is one thing Democrats are good at making problems worse and blaming the Republicans when that happens.