Democrats Are Still ‘Missing The Mark’ On Inflation

The pile of predicaments engendered by Joe Biden’s status as President of the United States continues to grow. Day in and day out, Biden and his Administration continue to fail and disappoint the nation. Biden-era reforms have adverse consequences on everyday people trying to live their lives and feed their families.

However, inflation takes a top spot in light of all the problems stemming from this presidency. After all the turmoil that’s happened in America over the past couple of years, the last thing anyone needs is for everything to get more expensive.

Democrats own this inflation crisis. They passed the spending bills through Congress that Biden signed into law last year. That, in a nutshell, is why America is knee-deep in skyrocketing prices that are showing zero signs of decreasing.

Yet, amazingly, the Democrat Party continues to prove that it just doesn’t get it. It is more than apparent in one of the latest proposals from the left, as TheBlaze covers.

Two Senate Democrats have proposed legislation that would suspend America’s roughly $0.18 gas tax for the rest of 2022. The argument in favor of this legislation says that it would reduce gas costs and make things easier for America’s working families who are struggling.

This move comes as Democrats are eager to disassociate themselves from the stain of inflation as the November midterm elections get closer.

What Democrats didn’t do, is mention how Biden’s spending bills and anti-energy policies engendered higher gas prices, to begin with. If the Democrat Party were truly serious about lowering gas costs, they’d be pushing for Biden to get out of the way of pipelines and domestic oil drilling.

A moratorium on gas taxes would, at best, provide temporary, minimal relief and fail to address the heart of the issue. Today, gas prices are significantly higher than those under the Trump Administration, even with the aforementioned gas tax.

Senate Democrats aren’t fooling anyone with this latest charade.

As the congressional elections get closer, there’s been a pattern of Democrats trying to walk certain things back covertly or shift gears.

Look no further than certain left-wing Mayors and Governors who are, all of a sudden, striking down mandates that have been unpopular for quite some time now.

Regardless of what other tricks Democrats try to pull over this year, they must be effectively voted out of the House and Senate come November.