Democrats Are Unleashing New Tricks Ahead of the Midterms

The midterm elections are seven months away. As the clock keeps ticking, Democrats are in the worst shape they’ve possibly ever been in.

The presidency of Joe Biden has led to a series of policy disasters, both here in America and also abroad. Thanks to Biden’s presidency, Americans have food shortages to look forward to, a potential recession in 2023, high gas prices, inflation, and more expensive interest rates.

Meanwhile, new polling to come out this week shows that Democrats are lagging in support from young voters, a key voter demographic.

In light of all these factors, Democrats are on the fast track to getting wrecked in November. However, this isn’t stopping them from pulling out new tricks in the hopes of saving themselves, per Red State.

Another Spin on the Debunked “Russian Collusion” Narrative

Even before former President Trump officially set foot into the White House, Democrats were already claiming he cheated his way into the Oval Office by colluding with the Russian government.

Of course, after a very long investigation, the claims of a Trump-Russian conspiracy were proven false. Today, however, Democrats are trying to revise a narrative of Russian collusion in order to give them a boost ahead of the November midterms.

The latest claims from the left assert that since the US government has been openly supportive of Ukraine, the Russian regime may seek to strike back by meddling in US politics.

On paper, this claim is coming from “intelligence officers” of the United States; yet, it’s worth noting these intelligence officers respond to a government controlled by the Democrat Party. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together.

The Truth About the Midterms

With growing sanctions against the Russian regime, and with massive military losses Russia has incurred in Ukraine, the nation has much bigger things to worry about than America’s midterms.

Here’s the truth of the matter: when Democrats lose control of Congress, it will not be due to the Russian regime pulling strings for the Republican Party. Democrats’ losses will be a direct result of their failed leadership after two years of controlling the federal government in its entirety.

For months, one poll after the other has shown that growing numbers of Americans do not support the direction of the nation under Democrats. Biden and his ilk have had ample opportunities to turn things around; yet, they’ve refused.

This, and not the Russians, will ultimately be what leads to Democrats losing power in November.