Democrats Are Working Hard to Hide the Real Costs of Obamacare

When Obamacare was first put into place, Americans were told if they were happy with their current doctors, they could keep them. Sadly, this turned out to be false.

During former President Obama’s time in office, the Affordable Care Act was marketed as a tool to ensure that people in need didn’t go without healthcare.

Yet, the true nature of Obamacare involved forcing people into a one-size-fits-all plan, along with putting in place financial penalties for folks who wanted to opt out.

Since getting into office, Joe Biden has worked to further codify and build upon the Affordable Care Act. This has now created a situation where Democrats are being completely dishonest about the true costs tied to Obamacare.

What Every American Should Know About the Affordable Care Act
When the American Rescue Plan became law in 2021, the subsidies of Obamacare were expanded to a greater percentage of individuals. Biden and Democrats happily put this into motion, figuring it would earn them political points from their base.

However, as conservatives have warned time and time again, there are no free lunches in life. Right now, the Democrat Party is faced with the upcoming expiration of the subsidy expansion, barring more funding from a reconciliation bill.

If such a bill does not pass, middle-class Americans are going to see thousand-dollar increases in healthcare expenses. This is especially true of middle-class folks who are purchasing insurance of their own.

Democrats don’t want Americans to know this. They also don’t want the Obamacare subsidy expansion to lapse. Higher prices for healthcare will hit Americans right as the midterm elections are coming up.

Between inflation, baby formula shortages, and more, the American people have enough problems on their plates. Having to pay significantly more money for healthcare won’t sit well with the middle class at all.

A Continued Lack of Transparency
When the Biden administration was first coming into the White House, it claimed that transparency would be one of its guiding values.

To this day, the White House has repeatedly misled, lied to, and otherwise worked to conceal facts and information. This latest debacle with Obamacare is just another example.

What the Biden administration also continues to hide is the problem with keeping expanded subsidies going on indefinitely. This expansion was originally meant to provide COVID relief, rather than serve as a restructuring of Obamacare.

Like other parts of the American Rescue Plan, expanding subsidies of the Affordable Care Act is putting a very real strain on US taxpayers. The sooner the band-aid is ripped off, the earlier the country can begin to heal.