Democrats Attack Donald Trump To Cover For Biden Failures

Donald Trump continues to make the news because he is a magnet for the left’s ire. He might be restricted from every social media network except his own, but he still punches back when attacked in the liberal media. It’s almost as if he never left office.

Trump’s most recent message came when he called Sean Davis of The Federalist to defend himself and attack his enemies.

Trump is likely running again in 2024 unless the 2020 election gets decertified because of fraud. It means he is not in the typical position of an outgoing president who can sit back and watch his predecessor. He called out Biden for his awkward and shameful withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The straight-talking Republican continued to pound the fake conservative George W. Bush. He pointed out Bush’s failures in Iraq and Afghanistan led us to this point. Trump tried to resolve as much as he could. However, he was thwarted by internal opposition in the contractor-military industrial complex and neo-conservative establishment who still wanted to extract more profits in exchange for American soldier’s blood.

Bush’s international strategy was too expensive, cluelessly ambitious, and tainted by expansionist dreams. As Trump has pointed out, his decisions resulted in the deaths of numerous American military servicemen and women. While many terrorists and their supporters were killed in the Middle East, innocent men and women also suffered collateral damage because of the expansion of Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, and the Haqqani network. Relitigating the Iraq and Afghanistan wars means that Obama’s countless drone strikes and inability to conclude these conflicts must also be a point of comparison.

Trump followed up on Milley, calling him a political made for TV general. He accused him of looking the part but failing to do the job of advising and implementing policy well. You’re your Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, going behind your back. His incompetency is the least of your worries.

When Milley had discussions with the Communist Chinese Party general in which he vowed to give them a notification if Trump ordered a strike, he was working for President Donald Trump. However, this phone call was a secret, and it was not leaked like many of Trump’s phone calls. Milley also told 15 senior officers that he oversaw the nuclear football, not President Trump. Not one of these men stood up and objected to Milley’s usurpation of presidential authority.

Trump said that Milley isn’t characteristic of all commanders in the military. But Milley did not have any problems running a coup with at least 15 of our top generals. Anyone who believes that our military leadership will support American civilians should think again. And the chain of command remains a firm guide for lower-ranked officers.

Trump diagnosed the issue but never really addressed it. He knew the “swamp” was a problem but could not or would not go to war with the individuals and agencies that were consistently stabbing him in the back and undermining his agenda. It is bizarre that he lasted four years when hiring people who intended to get him removed.

American’s have lost the ability to protest their government. Trump pointed out that the rally on September 18 at the US Capitol Building was a setup. Once again, no one seems to have a problem with the FBI entrapping gullible fools by inciting violence against Congress.

Essentially, Trump and others are telling patriots who care about this country don’t take the bait. We have other ways to demonstrate our power and influence in this country. Go local and be specific when supporting issues and candidates that can make a difference. Do not put yourself in the hands of the FBI or the media.

Many Americans still love Donald Trump, but his time may have passed. It is good that he’s still involved, but he may not be able to leave the limelight for others to pick up the torch. And what we need to know is an army of statesmen who know how to dismantle this enemy of freedom brick by brick.