Democrats Continue Assaults on Florida GOP

Hardly a day goes by without a politician with few or no ties to the Sunshine State launching rhetorical volleys at conservatives in Florida. First it was California Gov. Gavin Newsom with his inane July 4 commercial, and now it’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

This latest air raid started when Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said to no one in particular that Congress taking up same-sex marriage is a “stupid waste of time.” Homosexual marriage is legal and there’s nothing indicating that it faces a serious court challenge.

That was enough to spring Buttigieg into action.

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” the first openly LGBT cabinet secretary lamented that if Rubio has time to fight Disney, he can safeguard same-sex marriage.

Buttigieg waxed poetic Sunday about counting on his husband, Chasten, to share household duties in raising their two children. Saying their marriage should be treated equally — which it is — the secretary said he didn’t know why that would be so difficult for Rubio to do.

What one has to do with the other, except possibly in the secretary’s world, is unclear. Rubio’s fight with Disney is the same fight being waged by other Florida officials, particularly Gov. Ron DeSantis, against the entertainment giant targeting children with inappropriate messaging.

Oh, and the formerly family-friendly company’s opposition to outlawing lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity for four to nine-year-olds.

Hours after Buttigieg’s criticism, Rubio posted a video on Twitter calling out the secretary for ignoring “real problems” such as gas prices and flight cancellations. Those issues, for the record, would normally be a major concern for the transportation secretary.

Rubio slammed Buttigieg for having an agenda straight from “elite liberals” and “Marxist misfits.”

This of course comes after Newsom, who recently added Texas to his Civil War-like attacks on other states, took to the airwaves to invite disenchanted Floridians to migrate to California. Both of them.

Of course, it’s worth noting that his home state is one of the very few in the nation to be shedding residents — some even moving to Mexico.

This hurling missiles from California and the federal government towards Florida and now Texas is revealing. On the one hand, there are states taking care of their business. On the other, preachy and elitist leftists who want to dictate their beliefs onto an unconvinced nation.