Democrats Continue Lying About Jim Jordan’s Remarks

Even as Democrats are forced to face up to the scandal that marks President Joe Biden’s relationship with his son’s international dealings with the communist Chinese and others, some still seek to swing the spotlight away from their leader.

The House Oversight Committee on Tuesday made moves to require the president to turn over documents concerning his family’s international business deals. It was then that outgoing Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) decided to take another swipe at Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH).

The congressman from Ohio made his remarks while speaking at CPAC, but a pair of Democrats decided to take them out of context yet again for their own purposes.

Maloney, who lost her Democratic primary battle to long-time Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), attempted to frame what Jordan told the convention in a way that tied the Hunter Biden scandal to former President Donald Trump and the possibility of him seeking the White House again.

She said Jordan declared that “an investigation into Hunter Biden” would “frame up the 2024 race” for Donald Trump and “we need to make sure he wins.”

However, these remarks were made during a different CPAC interview when Jordan expressed his concerns about “suppressed evidence of the Hunter Biden story.

Jordan declared that whistleblowers are “coming into our office” and saying they are being pressured to “categorize and catalog every case” that they work on as domestic terrorism.

Meanwhile, there are people close to the Hunter Biden case who need to be investigated.

It was later in the interview when Rep. Jordan spoke of a potential Trump run in 2024. He said that when you put together what prosecutors have done to parents who show up to school board meetings and now the “political nature” of the Department of Justice, the truth needs to be known.

That, he said, will help frame up the 2024 race. Jordan said he hopes and thinks that Trump will run again, and it was then when he said that “we need to make sure that he wins.”

Maloney and at least one colleague tried to put the interview into a different context to show that Jordan was basing Trump’s running again on the Hunter Biden story. The facts speak differently, and the representative merely laid out the case for several factors to affect Trump’s decision.