Democrats Continuously Milking January 6 Is Backfiring

For over one year now, Democrats have been milking the Capitol riots that took place in early 2021. Virtually everyone from all sides of the political spectrum has come out and condemned what happened.

However, the Democrat Party is bound and determined never to let the nation hear the end of it. There are several likely reasons for this. However, the most likely cause is Democrats see January 6 as a great way to divert attention from the failures that have ensued since they’ve taken control of the federal government.

At this point, it couldn’t be more evident than Democrats are going to milk January 6 for all it’s worth and for as long as they can. However, RedState reports that Democrats are quickly beginning to overplay their hand in this regard.

Earlier this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wasted no time accusing Republicans of trying to “continue” the events of January 6, 2021, by failing to support Democrats’ election takeover bills.

Pelosi accused Democrats of undercutting democracy, voting power, and free and fair elections in the United States. After throwing around the January 6 card, the House Speaker then claimed that her party must pass legislation prohibiting voter ID requirements, funnel taxpayer money into left-wing candidates’ campaigns, and more.

What Pelosi conveniently left out during her tirade is this: in the aftermath of the 2004 presidential election, Pelosi spoke out against the certification of Ohio’s electoral votes, claiming that voters were somehow “intimidated.”

At the time, Pelosi stated that there were serious questions about the levels of integrity that existed during the 2004 presidential election. Of course, it goes for obvious reasons that the House Speaker neglected to mention this as she accused Republicans of undermining democracy.

However, this is far from the only instance of Democrats trying to undermine democracy while accusing Republicans of it. In real-time, the Democrat Party is trying to shut down the Senate filibuster because it no longer benefits them, as they are currently the majority party in Congress.

During the Trump presidency and other times when Democrats were the minority party, they had no qualms about repeatedly using the filibuster to block GOP agendas.

Since the filibuster no longer favors leftists, they now want it gone. Meanwhile, they’re saying that Republicans are the ones undermining the integrity of the vote in this country.

If this isn’t ironic, then what is?