Democrats Critical Of X Continue Political Advertising On Platform

Democrats are increasingly ramping up spending for their political campaigns on Elon Musk’s X, formerly known as Twitter, as major advertisers leave the platform, citing Musk’s policies.

The Washington Post recently reported that Democratic candidates and organizations have begun amplifying their investment efforts on X despite a slew of advertisers that have left the platform under Musk’s ownership. The leftist outlet analyzed that Democrats have spent millions of dollars on thousands of advertisements on X.

The increase in advertisement spending comes as major advertisers have left X over concerns that the platform promotes antisemitic and hateful content. Such concerns have led companies like Disney, Apple and International Business Machines (IBM) to withdraw their advertising.

X has also faced criticism over Musk’s move to reinstate conservative commentator Alex Jones’ account.

Despite this, over 50 Democratic campaigns and organizations have chosen X as their political advertising platform to reach voters.

Among those who have spent a hefty amount of funds on political advertising are Reps. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Daniel Goldman (D-NY). Both Democrats have consistently criticized Musk and have denounced X’s policies.

Schiff has spent more than $90,000 on advertisements on the social media platform.
Days after major advertisers began pulling out of X, Schiff and Goldman, alongside other House Democrats, sent a letter to Musk and X CEO Linda Yaccarino to express “grave concern surrounding X’s ongoing failure to abide by its own policies” on “misinformation and hateful, violent, and terroristic propaganda videos.”

Democrats’ decision to continue advertising on X isn’t supported by all within the party. Several political campaigns have paused their spending on the platform, pointing to Musk’s leadership and concerns over X’s policies as the reason for doing so. Nonetheless, a majority of leftist organizations have remained investing in X for political reasons.

A spokesperson for then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, Jesse Lehrich, said that X “will continue playing a key role in shaping political discourse so long as it remains the platform of choice for reporters.”

Lehrich argued that Democrats should avoid “directly funding Elon’s little hate machine” through advertising.

“It’s never been a good advertising platform, and the more polarized it gets, the less likely you are to reach persuadable voters,” he added.