Democrats Frightened as VP Harris’ Revolving Door Continues Spinning

The number of Democrats ready to punch the “anybody-but-Biden” choice at the top of their 2024 presidential ticket gets larger by the day. Worrisome for them are the constant signs that the obvious choice as a replacement, Vice President Kamala Harris, would be little or no improvement.

There’s no management position in the world quite like the American president. Stability and predictability are treasured traits for a commander-in-chief, and Harris displays anything but.

Political analysts say the revolving door in Harris’ office is part of a pattern that stretches back to her time as a local political figure in San Francisco.

Throughout her rise to the vice presidency, from being San Francisco’s district attorney to California’s attorney general and as a U.S. senator, there is a common thread. Precious few if any close associates and aides have stuck around from one political stop to another.

This followed through to the vice presidency, raising questions among critics and even supporters about her running of operations. Speechwriter Meghan Groob became at least the 13th high-profile aide to jump ship last week.

Every departure furthers the perception of volatility in her office, and that’s on top of widely publicized reports of tension between her staff and that of President Joe Biden.

The glaring question that will not go away is if the vice president is a viable option in 2024 should the president decide against seeking another term.

Biden, 79, faces a wide array of challenges that would push anyone to reconsider the rigors of the job. WIth age and historically low approval ratings, many observers see more than a slight chance that he will step aside in ‘24.

That action, were it to happen, may not translate into an open door for Harris to become the nation’s first female president. The departure of her domestic policy adviser Rohini Kosoglu earlier this month took away one of her only aides who managed to tough it out for a while.

There is much to be considered and done before Harris finds herself on top of the Democratic ticket in 2024. And analysts both outside and within the party worry that the constantly revolving door of staff members sends a message of instability and lack of leadership.