Democrats’ Hubris Is Taking Them Down A Dark Road

Sadly, there is an abundance of examples that demonstrate the arrogance of the Democrat Party. However, one of the most pressing and dangerous examples deals with the Democrats’ approach regarding medical mandates.

In communities where Democrats call the shots, they are mainly passing measures that exclude from society individuals who are not vaccinated against COVID. Democrat leaders continue to endorse and justify these measures, citing them as necessary to keep everyone safe.

Meanwhile, Democrats have proven incapable of wrapping their heads around the importance of individuals making their own healthcare decisions without coercion. The leftist arguments that these mandates will save lives are disproven by the reality that COVID vaccination doesn’t prevent the virus from being spread or caught.

Unfortunately, hubris of this nature is commonplace amongst the Democrats. It is something that comedian Bill Maher pointed out just a few days ago, according to TheBlaze.

While speaking out on his show, Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher declared that it’s not acceptable for Democrats to hate anyone who supported former President Trump, seeing as this accounts for 50% of Americans.

Maher also said that Democrats tend to assert the moral high ground when adopting political views. In doing this, Democrats set up scenarios in their minds where they are right, and anyone else who questions them is inherently wrong and morally inferior.

The comedian declared that Democrats’ tendency to do this is most apparent regarding COVID. Maher noted that despite particular leftist views, an individual is not superior to the next, simply because one chose to get multiple vaccines and boosters, while the other did not.

However, Maher’s comments got even more interesting when he began calling out the arrogance associated with the medical establishment. According to the comedian, the medical establishment’s narrative that everyone should obey them with no questions isn’t going to work.

Maher remarked that the medical establishment has been wrong on many things regarding this virus, such as when they alleged COVID vaccines would shut down the virus and stop transmission.

Bill Maher is far from a conservative or a right-wing Trump supporter. However, the comments he made on his show align with what many people on the right have been saying for quite some time.

Unfortunately, the more Democrats get called out for their problems and double standards, the more they dig in their heels. Today’s Democrat Party appears incapable of taking constructive feedback, even when the person giving that feedback is on “their” side.

For this reason, we can all expect Democrats to continue ahead with their hubris and keep proving Bill Maher’s points.