Democrats Impeach Trump In Absentia Third Time For Covid

Okay, not exactly, but here’s a big yawn of a story for CNN by Lauren Fox and Daniella Diaz, “House oversight committee releases report detailing efforts of Trump administration officials to ‘undermine’ COVID-19 efforts in the US.”

You’d be surprised that the House Democrats who impeached Trump twice and gloated after the first one, “You’re forever impeached,” like tagging the president with that was some glorious achievement of politics like she was practicing law at its pinnacle of greatness, by doing the silly impeachment trials. Giving NPR’s listeners a real eyesore of a cacophony of legalese strung together in a way that sort of makes sense, but isn’t saying much, and dragging it on for days, you’d be surprised that those guys wrote a report about how Trump “undermined” “the COVID-19 efforts,” huh?

No CNN readers here?

Good, okay.

The CNN story is just more of that clap track. It’s tiresome to get through anymore, frankly, this BlueAnon Lite stuff on CNN, like trying to get excited to one of the romance novels your mom reads to get off.

When you dig into the deets, there’s just the Trump administration doing what it did, and probably having good enough policy and legal justifications for all the actions they took, and legitimate disagreements over policy with whatever potentially disgruntled, possibly partisan and motivated bureaucrats they interviewed for the report. Just more of this endless bellyaching derangement that Democrats still haven’t let go of since Trump started in on everybody. Sheesh, you guys, will you quit crying? You’re congressman and women, for goodness’ sake.