Democrats Just Got A ‘Devastating Warning’ From One Of Their Own

By all accounts, the Democrat Party seems to live in a delusional state regarding how the nation perceives them. There are multiple examples worth citing.

When Democrats lost the Virginia Governor’s election in 2021, they didn’t take the opportunity to realize their policies and party platform had become out of touch with everyday voters. Instead, Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proclaimed that Democrats lost in Virginia because they were too “moderate” and not “progressive” enough.

Then, just last month, Biden dared to stand before a room of reporters and tell the nation that, as President, he’s managed to “outperform.” The President was widely mocked over this statement, Americans questioning if he’d looked at his poll numbers lately.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the continuous, slow-motion demise of the Democrat Party is very much apparent. It explains the warning that retiring Democrat Rep. Jim Cooper shared with his party, as covered by TheBlaze.

Tennessee Democrat Jim Cooper spoke with the media in Nashville, warning that his party has been going down for quite some time. According to Rep. Cooper, Tennessee Democrats are approaching extinction due to their lack of strategy.

Cooper didn’t stop there. He also made a point of noting the cringeworthy leftist tendency to dictate what other individuals should believe and think. According to the retiring congressman, bossiness and self-righteousness don’t win elections.

Later, Cooper explained that if Democrats are interested in avoiding extinction, they must adequately communicate with voters, recognize political danger for what it is, and improve their organizational skills.

Judging from the actions of elected Democrats, the warnings of Cooper are not going to stick.

Right now, Democrats like Reps. Cori Bush and Ilhan Omar are still advocating to defund the police. They don’t see any issues calling for this as multiple cities struggle with lawlessness being on the rise.

Furthermore, you have progressive Democrats attacking moderate members of their party for not supporting a takedown of the filibuster or the ridiculous Build Back Better Act.

All in all, the mainstream Democrat Party appears to be beyond logic or reason. They have a particular image set in their minds and believe everyone needs to bend the knee and fall in line.

As a result of this stubbornness, mainstream Democrats aren’t listening to anything or anyone advising them to make changes. For this reason, leftists will continue their regression towards complete extinction.