Democrats’ Lies On The Filibuster Are Not Holding Up

As indicated by a growing number of polls, more and more Americans are getting tired of childish games employed by leftists and the Democrat Party. Lying to the nation about the economy while spending rates go through the roof gets hold.

Moreover, the Biden administration’s decision to gaslight Americans on inflation and the supply chain is an insult to everyone’s intelligence. Neither of these matters is mild or transitory as the White House has repeatedly made them out to be.

However, one of the most insidious games employed by the Democrats is their lies about the filibuster, as RedState reports.

In 2021, the Democrat Party’s narrative about the filibuster is that it’s a racist rampant from America’s ugly Jim Crow period that must be abolished once and for all. Another part of the leftist narrative alleges the filibuster is merely a weapon to silence the voices of racial minorities in the United States.

Now, despite this narrative being utterly untrue, leftists might have a slightly easier time selling it if it weren’t for one pesky, little fact. The fact is that Democrats themselves had repeatedly used the filibuster when it worked to their political advantage.

When Barack Obama was a senator from Illinois, he used the filibuster and even delivered a speech in favor of it. Then, once the filibuster began working in favor of Republicans, Obama claimed the filibuster was racist and needed to go.

The same goes for Michigan Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib. Tlaib recently stated that lawmakers who defend the filibuster support a racist tool designed to prevent minorities from having a saw in America’s elections.

What Tlaib didn’t mention, though, are previous comments she made when stating the filibuster came in handy for her party during the Trump administration.

With Democrats controlling the federal government, the filibuster is one of the final things keeping checks and balances alive. The minority party does deserve to have a voice in Congress. Tlaib herself admitted this.

The only motivation behind Democrats’ newfound drive to end the Senate filibuster is the possibility of gaining more control. Leftists today want to do whatever they want, with no one in the position to stop them.

It is why they want to end the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court with left-wing justices, and give statehood to areas like Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. Not only is it vital for the filibuster to remain in place; it’s also crucial for the Republican Party to take back control of Congress.

Let’s see what Democrats have to say about the filibuster, then.