Democrats’ Cherish Of Taxes Isn’t Commonly Elite To The Affluent

When it comes to taxes in the United States, Democrats have an obvious narrative. This narrative asserts that because wealthy individuals have more funds than their poorer counterparts, the wealthy must fork over more of their money to the federal government. 

When Democrats push for higher tax rates, they constantly tell the nation that only 1% of 1% will feel the impacts of higher taxes. Leftists swear up and down that the middle-class won’t be paying higher taxes on their watch. However, this is an outright lie like most things to come from Democrats. 

The truth is that even the wealthy 1% don’t have enough money to pay for all the crazy schemes that Democrats want to see become the new normal in America. It is why The Federalist has rightfully pointed out that the United States will bear the brunt of Democrats’ tax raises. 

One key tax provision favored by Democrats entails blocking individuals from converting Individual Retirement Accounts into post-tax Roth Individual Retirement Accounts. It isn’t all, though. Democrats also want to increase capital gains taxes and even slap taxes on unearned gains from properties that they appreciate. 

Let’s not also forget Democrats’ investment in giving the IRS the workforce to spy on any bank account with over $10,000 moving through it. Anyone who believes this is just about getting the 1% to pay a little more in taxes is dishonest. 

Democrats have shown their willingness to squeeze as much money out of everyday Americans as possible. Leftists want this to happen so they can fund socialist programs run by big government. 

No matter how many times Democrats say they want wealthy people to “pay their fair share in taxes,” it’s still an intentional misrepresentation of the proper plan at hand.

Stopping Democrats from passing tax raises and other disastrous policies into law is about electing suitable Republican candidates. It’s about getting solid conservatives into office who value putting America first rather than just enriching themselves. 

The past nearly two years have shown the Democrats will employ any means possible to get what they want. It pertains to higher taxes on the American public and other regards. Look at how Biden is already trying to force U.S. taxpayers to fund $450,000 payments to illegal immigrants. 

Tax increases must be countered, opposed, and defeated.