Democrats’ Midterms Prospects Continue “Looking Worse”

This year’s midterm elections are roughly nine months away. At this point, the Democrat Party knows myriad strikes against them. Democrats created these strikes by ultimately putting their political power grabs over the best interests of the United States.

The Democrat Party remains bound and determined to blame Republicans for whatever they believe they can get away with. Just last year, leftists tried to claim the GOP was the driver of the movement to defund law enforcement. Nobody believed such an outright lie.

Nevertheless, as the midterms get closer, Democrats are now trying to make some changes at the eleventh hour to avoid getting destroyed, according to RedState.

Amid Biden’s blunders in the foreign policy department, Democrats are trying to clean this up with talks about economic sanctions on Russia. However, as noted, the economic sanctions will not be nearly as impactful as Democrats want to think.

Due to the troublingly close alliance Russia has formed with China. There’s more than enough room for the latter to step in and offset any economic blows Russia would suffer from Biden’s sanctions.

America’s enemies do not respect the weakness in the White House. It is why the Russia-Ukraine situation is playing out in its current fashion.

In another desperate move to damage control, leftists are also trying to water down the failed Build Back Better Act.

Some modifications proposed by Democrats include supposedly making prescription drugs more affordable, boosting childcare and eldercare programs, and finally pushing government-funded climate change initiatives.

The latest endeavors to water down the Build Back Better Act arrive after Democrats’ failed attempt to demolish the Senate filibuster and ice out the Republican minority from having a voice in Congress.

With nine months left until the November midterms, it’s a little late for Democrats to try to salvage their chances of winning these elections. The country’s voters have gotten a good look at what the Democrat Party stands for.

The Democrat Party of today ultimately stands for authoritarianism, censorship, corruption, and hypocrisy. Leftists will say whatever they deem as appropriate to get their way. They’ll then plot and scheme for more power when they get into office.

America witnessed this when Democrats tried to take down the Senate filibuster. It comes on top of ongoing leftist calls to pack the Supreme Court and supply statehood to Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

Between the horrible track record of the Democrat Party and Biden’s pathetically low approval ratings, leftists don’t stand a chance of stopping the incoming red wave.