Democrats Preparing To Give Biden The Boot

At this point, it’s a very well-established fact that Joe Biden is losing support from Independent voters and swing voters in this country.

These Americans who are not affiliated with any major political party played a hand in Biden getting elected. However, they rapidly realized their ways’ errors amid the series of crises Biden’s brought into being.

Throughout 2021, polls rapidly showed Biden gradually losing support with non-affiliated voters. It’s also not a shock that conservatives and Republicans widely disapprove of the job the 46th president has done after nearly one year of being in the White House.

However, what’s less known is the reality that Democrats are also getting tired of Biden. According to PJ Media, some folks within the Democrat Party are already preparing to make Biden exit stage left to come to the 2024 presidential election.

When Biden was running for office, he made a series of commitments that got the far-left to vote for him. Some of these commitments entailed tackling “climate change” and providing student loan debt forgiveness (despite the fact no president can unilaterally absolve people of their student loans).

However, with just about 12 full months passed since Biden got into office, leftists are not pleased with what they’re seeing. Democrats are frustrated because the president they voted into the White House failed to get his Build Back Better Act passed, hasn’t made student loans go away, and has also failed to take on “climate change.”

For this reason, progressives are uniting and looking for a new candidate to take the Democratic nomination for president in 2024. Progressive strategists are also trashing Biden, calling him old and declaring that he’s essentially been a lame-duck president with no results.

The ongoing speculations about Biden’s cognitive functions also don’t project an image of strength for the 46th president or his party.

Biden’s burned his bridges with Republicans, Independents, and he’s rapidly doing the same with the left. He’s got low approval ratings on COVID, the economy, inflation, immigration, crime, and more. Meanwhile, Biden only has a net positive approval rating in five out of 50 states.

The 46th president has failed the country. While Republicans and Independents essentially have very different reasons for their annoyance with Biden, the writing is on the wall.

Joe Biden is an unpopular president. He’s failed across the board from keeping his base happy to unifying America and shutting down coronavirus, as he promised. There’s no telling how else he’ll drop the ball between now and 2024.