Democrats “Remain In Disarray” As Midterms Get Closer

The Democrat Party is crumbling to pieces before the very eyes of the American public. This failure primarily starts from the top. Democrats managed to get a President into office who didn’t know how to govern as an effective leader.

Now, all of the countries are paying the price for it. Crime and inflation are at troublingly high rates. Meanwhile, Americans are going into grocery stores only to find themselves unable to purchase essentials due to supply chain problems.

Border Patrol agents are having a more challenging time than ever due to the Biden Administration’s refusal to enforce immigration laws. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of US service members could be forced out of the military due to Biden’s obscene COVID vaccine mandate.

At this point, it couldn’t be plainer that November midterms are going to play out squarely in favor of Republicans. Nonetheless, as covered by RedState, this reality has the Democrat Party significantly on edge.

At this time, 29 House Democrats are either retiring or simply leaving the chamber to pursue other opportunities. Nevertheless, there are some major vacancies for Democrats. Meanwhile, House Republicans only need to win five seats to regain control of the chamber.

Generally, when a party is in this much trouble ahead of critical elections, they turn to the leader for assistance. However, due to Biden’s massive failures and low poll numbers, more Democrats realize that bringing him out for campaign events is the last thing they want.

Democrats in critical states like Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas have been avoiding Biden during visits to their states, if not outrightly declaring they don’t need his help. Biden currently retains a national 33% approval amongst Americans.

Meanwhile, he’s majorly down in states that will play a significant role in the outcomes of November’s elections.

The modern-day Democrat Party has solidified itself as an extremist, borderline communist movement. In real-time, and as crime soars across different US cities, Democrats are still talking about defunding the police.

The Democrat Party is still ranting and raving about the Senate filibuster while doing absolutely nothing to get control of inflation.

In 2022, the Democrat Party burned all of its bridges. Rather than trying to turn things around and get back on track with the American public, Democrats are digging in their heels and demanding the nation to get on board with them.