Democrats Renew Yet Another Power Grab Attempt

At this point, it’s becoming more precise than ever that support for Democrats is on a decline. Democrats have total control over the federal government, yet all they have to show for it is one mess after the other.

Inflation is higher than it has been in nearly four decades. Meanwhile, supply chain shortages have led to empty shelves in stores across the United States. It comes along with the 33% approval rating of Joe Biden, not to mention ongoing and significant labor shortages.

As Democrats are sensing a series of election defeats coming their way, they’re madly flailing from one power grab attempt to the next, as documented by TheBlaze.

During the onset of the Biden Administration, leftists talked about how their newfound control over the federal government provided an ideal opportunity to make Washington DC the 51st state.

Democrats framed this as an attempt to represent folks living in the district. However, as many conservatives pointed out last year, DC statehood propositions are not only out of alignment with the US Constitution, but they’re also a leftist attempt to rig congressional power in favor of Democrats.

Now, since Biden and his progressive allies have failed to defeat the Senate filibuster, Democrats are bringing calls for DC statehood back into the fray.

Democrat DC Mayor Muriel Bowser noted that Democrats wouldn’t even need to end the Senate filibuster if her district had two Senate seats. Of course, it only confirms that Democrats’ interest in adding a 51st state to the union is rooted in an attempted political power grab and nothing else.

Bowser didn’t just stop there, though. The DC mayor continued, stating that America “deserves” two senators to represent the district. She also claimed that by DC not being counted as a state with applicable congressional representation, this is “disenfranchising” 700,000 Americans.

Americans need to understand that Democrats will stop at absolutely nothing to get more control and power. It’s no coincidence that talks about DC statehood are making a comeback as Democrats failed to nix the filibuster.

After all, this fits the pattern of leftists’ behavior. Earlier this month, Democrats resumed talking about packing the United States Supreme Court after the court struck down Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate for big businesses.

We must all brace ourselves because the closer this country gets to the November midterms, the more outlandish and radical Democrats will come. This party will stop at nothing amid their fears of losing power in America.