Democrats Trying To Play ‘The Long Game’ On Gun Control

The gun control agenda is ultimately rooted in nothing more than ignorance. Time and time again, people who advocate against firearms prove their absolute lack of knowledge about guns.

Look no further than Joe Biden, who declared that pistols are “weapons of war” and capable of carrying magazines to the tune of 40 rounds. Also, consider California Governor Gavin Newsom referring to a .22 caliber rifle as a “weapon of war” that conservatives should disavow with the NRA’s support.

There are many more examples to cite. However, as the midterm races get closer, Democrats are trying to shift their strategies regarding the abolition of gun control. PJ Media points out the particulars of this.

In a nutshell, Democrats want to wait until the midterms have passed until really going all-in on their agenda to strip away the Second Amendment.

It is because the left knows gun control is unpopular. Therefore, pushing it right now could hurt Democrats’ already next-to-impossible chances of hanging onto their Senate and House majorities.

As a means of biding their time after November, Democrat lawmakers on Capitol Hill are suddenly hands-off when it comes to the issue of firearms. Then, Democrats in gubernatorial elections are mainly steering clear of gun control altogether.

Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke, one of the most anti-gun politicians who vowed to take Americans’ guns, is even backpedaling. In recent statements, O’Rourke asserted himself as a “protector” of the Second Amendment and declared he doesn’t want to take anything from Texans.

Thanks to the crime epidemic Democrats created via defunding the police and opening up prisons. Gun ownership has surged in recent years. It makes it even harder for a leftist to get widespread support for gun buybacks and other anti-Second Amendment measures.

The reality of Democrats waiting until after elections to go all-in on their unpopular, anti-gun agenda is a testament that the left will do anything to grasp more power.

If Democrats truly believed gun control was in the nation’s best interests, they’d have no problems working on getting it implemented as soon as possible. However, the left knows better, and they know gun ownership is rising in frequency and popularity.

It’s very arrogant for Democrats to believe the rest of the country can’t see the games they’re playing regarding Second Amendment rights.

The reality of Democrats waiting in the wings to crush the Second Amendment post-midterms is all the more reason why Americans must vote them out of office.