Democrats Turn on Joe Biden among Looming Midterm Trouble

Ahead of November’s midterm elections, many in the Democratic Party are trying to distance themselves from President Joe Biden, feeling that the president — who has delivered the country nothing but sky-high inflation and economic downturn — is a political liability.

In an interview, Democratic strategist Danielle Cendejas detailed the negative effect the Biden administration is having on Democratic candidates across the country, claiming the current president is “more of a drag than Obama was.”

“Any [midterm candidate] who’s polling is getting a poll back right now showing the president is more of a drag than Obama was in the midterms,” Cendejas said. “That, I think, leads to a pile on of Democrats who are frustrated about their prospects.”

Another Democratic adviser characterized the Biden administration’s advocacy for the Inflation Reduction Act as a strategic misfire, arguing that voters care much less about a personal win for Biden’s legislative agenda than they do real economic solutions.

“[The administration] doesn’t understand that the only thing people care about is inflation, gas prices and the economy writ large,” the adviser said. “They’re living in La La Land.”

With a majority of Americans saying they disapprove of the job Biden is doing, many Democratic lawmakers have sought to distance themselves from the president and his struggling administration. In an interview last week, Rep. Dean Phillips said he hoped Biden didn’t run for office in 2024, so a “new generation” of Democrats could step in.

“I think the country would be well served by a new generation of compelling, well-prepared, dynamic Democrats to step up,” Phillips said.

“I think Joe Biden has served our country admirably with principle and with decency at a time when we surely needed it,” he continued. “But I am part of a caucus here in Congress where three top leaders are over 80 years old, where the president will be over 80 in the next election. And I think it’s time for a generational change.”

Polling has shown that an overwhelming majority of Democratic voters agree with Phillips’ opinion. In a CNN poll released last week, 75% of Democratic voters said they wanted a different candidate as their 2024 nominee.