Dems Are Treading Over Dangerous Grounds By Gaslighting The American Public On Inflation

Democrat efforts to subdue the issue of inflation have failed miserably since it is the dynamite that will blow and destroy the party’s public support. Even still, they don’t have a strong argument since Biden’s initiatives, starting with rejecting the Keystone Pipeline and creating a fake labor scarcity via “stimmy checks,” have caused inflation. Prices are rising due to rising expenses of energy and labor and a massive expansion of the money supply due to the Federal Reserve purchasing Treasury liabilities to support deficit spending.

With this offensive tweet, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has breached the Hippocratic Oath for political propagandists. The graph indicates falling costs, but if you squint and look at the vertical axis, you can see that prices fell two cents per gallon during a week in late November. However, there is a difficulty in that selective graphing does not persuade anybody. It goes against what liberals prefer to refer to as “people’s lived experience.” People’s memories and experiences are more like this graph.

That 2 cents per gallon graph was probably tweeted by people who rarely go to petrol stations. Those who reside in DC or Manhattan may use taxis or electric automobiles to go around. When it comes to filling up one’s petrol tank and shopping for food, everyone feels the agony of saving the very wealthy. It’s excruciating suffering, as in “no vacation trip this year,” “fewer and less expensive Christmas presents this year,” or “how are Americans going to pay the heating bill?” There is nothing to be gained from the DCCC graph or Jen Psaki’s mockery of those waiting for the Peloton workout bicycles. Isn’t that furious people do when they get the opportunity to vote again? That’s obvious enough to even Democrats.