Dems Should Ditch Their Trump Obsession

The apparent win of Republican Glenn Youngkin in Virginia over Democrat and former Governor Terry McAuliffe holds a few lessons for the Democrats that people are assuming (and hope) they’ll have a hard time digesting.

It’s pointless to link every Republican to Trump; he was an exception in many respects, as everyone knows. According to the reports, the general belief that Trump is a dangerous threat to the Constitutional order cannot be reversed. But it is known that Trump was a one-of-a-kind threat. It is said that he is just like any other Republican. Youngkin is a typical Republican from the suburbs, but McAuliffe appeared to be speaking for the alt-right. “Extremism may come in many forms,” President Biden defended him, adding that it can also come in the guise of a smile and a fleece vest.

The more we cry racism, the less powerful the allegation becomes, and Democrats should admit that Critical Race Theory and associated doctrines about the alleged ultra-prevalence of white supremacy are radical and racist in their own right. The Democrats’ strategy of encouraging base turnout by portraying Republicans as bigots do not appear to be a long-term winning strategy. If we were Democrats, we’d openly and loudly chuck CRT overboard. It still has a stranglehold on almost the entire educational system.

It’s no longer enough to say, “We’re not Trump.” Voters want to hear a strong argument for why they should vote for the Democrats. However, as Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency showed, the Democrats fear and are governed by their extreme activists. Almost every Democrat is, in practice, a puppet of the far left. But the question is, do they have the bravery or the intelligence to abandon their voter-repelling culture-war foolishness in favor of subjects that would appeal to the average voter?