Department Of Homeland Security Is The “New Arbiter Of Truth”

The Department of Homeland Security wants to ban misinformation, disinformation, and misinformation. DHS claims that political and COVID-19 misrepresentations are a threat to national security. If that is the case, they should start by arresting Anthony Fauci and throwing the book at him. But instead, they are going after everyday Americans who dissent from the party line.

Recently DHS began its twisted version of an extremist crackdown on political differences. By prohibiting misleading narratives, they endorse Marxist right thinking and assault freedom of speech, expression, and truth itself. The Biden-Harris maladministration and the Deep State push the same system of control being enacted against the American people. They do not care about the facts or science, which proves them wrong all the time. They want to maintain their vice grip on power, as every good dictator does.

Democrats in government are using the agencies of the Biden White House to promote a view in our nation that the United States is in an increased danger of hatred. They further stoke fears about an internet-based domestic terror wave with deceiving stories and paranoia. Unknown and homegrown white supremacists intensify misinformation, who plant dissension and subvert public confidence in government. The agitation may motivate demonstrations and attacks.

According to the government-media complex, any criticism of the establishment and the party line is empowering intimidation. Anyone who contradicts the system is a terrorist, and thus the liberal power structure can preemptively take them out like Minority Report thought criminals.

The DHS wants you to know that critical elements adding to the current danger that sows friction or subvert public confidence in US government organizations are related to the refusal to take the shot. Your neighbors might be part of the problem, the same techniques used by the KGB, Stasi, and CCP.

For instance, they think there is an expansion of bogus unverified opinions on politics, race, and COVID-19. DHS is attempting to criticize platforms that support or promote these stories. They think that anyone who disagrees with the CDC or Pfizer is trying to harm the United States. Any conflict with the Democrat narrative is backstabbing your friends and family. It is insane.

The Department of Homeland Security cautions against misinformation but neglects its obligation to protect the country from illegal immigration, drugs, weapons, and murderers. Anything that contradicts the flexible NIH story on COVID is assumed to be guilty on any given day. It is a sick turn that will only get worse. It starts with certain conservative or independent commentators calling shut down.

First, Alex Jones and then Steven Crowder. Before you know it, Fox News is no longer conservative, and Joe Rogan is getting attacked. Then this leads to a dark place where government tracking is assumed, and everyone is looking over their shoulders.