DeSantis To Fired-Up Conservative Conference: ‘We Rejected The Elites’

Florida’s freedom-loving Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis gave a rousing address to the National Conservatism Conference on Sunday in Miami, highlighting the value of his resistance to pressure from the federal government and the corporate media.

During his hour-long speech, he discussed the success of his strategies to fight COVID-19 lockdowns and protect the health and businesses of Floridians by not accepting the idea that private companies should be simply left alone. He also rejected the argument that government is not important for the accomplishment of conservative goals.

He said the decision to reject the elites was absolutely correct when they wanted to close schools, lock down business, force people to wear masks, and used faulty models to dismiss the effectiveness of natural immunity to COVID-19. He also noted how institutions are now being forced to admit that he was right and they were wrong about the seasonal nature of COVID and the efficacy of the experimental mRNA vaccines.

Since DeSantis’s election as governor in 2018, Florida now has more registered Republican voters than Democrat voters for the first time in the state’s history. That is true despite the new wave of people fleeing the disastrous economic and living conditions in blue states like New York, New Jersey, and California.

DeSantis told the conference that he attributes the surge in GOP registration numbers primarily to his administration’s COVID policies, especially when compared to Democrat enclaves. He noted that more than just refusing to adopt governmental vaccine mandates, Florida moved to prevent private businesses from making them conditions of working in the Sunshine State.

Regarding his stance against the common conservative argument that businesses should be left completely alone by the government, he insisted that government is essential to protect individual freedom from abuse from huge multinational corporations. He cited vaccine mandates, horrific human resources practices, and compulsory investment in leftist and globalist agendas.

He said that “corporatism is not the same as free enterprise, and I think too many Republicans have viewed limited government to basically mean whatever is best for corporate America is how we want to do the economy.”

DeSantis said that his view is that free enterprise is the obviously best economic system, but the economy is a means to a more important end. He said America is a country “that has an economy, not the other way around, and our economy should be geared for helping our own people.”