DHS Freed 150,000 Border Crossers Without Proper Paperwork

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) inexplicably released over 150,000 illegal migrants into the U.S last year without a Notice to Appear in immigration court.

President Joe Biden’s open border and catch-and-release protocols came further into the light in a lawsuit against the failed programs. Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody took legal steps to obtain the DHS footage proving the release of border crossers without court dates.

Part of the video featured an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official telling agents of the over 150,000 illegal migrants who were set loose in the nation’s interior.

Fault for losing the migrants fell directly on the Biden administration’s “no processing policy” which began in March 2021. Videos used for training showed border officials detailing issues they dealt with in trying to track down the migrants who went unprocessed.

One official said that illegal migrants “were issued a piece of paper that said, ‘Find somebody in ICE,’ and that was pretty much it.”

AG Moody insinuated in a release that the White House is knowingly releasing border crossers and illegal migrants into the country’s interior with no intentions of deporting them — even if asylum claims are found to be invalid.

She also asserted that “this has been the administration’s plan all along.”

Recent figures show Biden’s DHS from February 2021 to October 2022 released as many as 1.4 million illegal migrants in the interior of the country. Many of these were only given Notices to Report.

These are simply written instructions to find an ICE office wherever the migrant eventually settles in the country.

This lack of processing began almost immediately after Biden took office. ICE officials normally issue charging documents to migrants, which require them to appear before an immigration judge for possible removal.

Administration officials blamed the change on a lack of resources and the flood of illegal migrants crossing the border. The situation became so disastrous that the White House began “Operation Horizon” in November 2021 to attempt to locate the released migrants.

If found, the official charging documents would be delivered by mail.

This lack of border enforcement and even identifying those who illegally cross is a dereliction of duty of the highest order. The constitution clearly assigns this responsibility to the federal government, and its failure to follow through is nothing short of criminal.