DHS Secretary is Praising Biden’s Border Crisis

Of the many criticisms against the current White House, the management of the southern border is at the top of the list.

Many Americans aren’t too pleased about the number of migrants coming over the southern border and into the United States.

Border states like Arizona and Texas have begun taking their own measures to resist illegal immigration. However, the true responsibility for this issue lies with the federal government.

Unfortunately, recent comments from Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary Alejandro Mayorkas indicate the federal government doesn’t see any issues with how it’s handling the southern border.

A Job Well Done?
This past Sunday, Mayorkas conversed with ABC News host Martha Raddatz about the ins and outs of the southern border.

The DHS secretary was specifically informed by ABC News that migrants are, in fact, pouring into the southern border at higher rates than seen under the Trump administration.

To this end, Mayorkas pushed back, claiming the Biden administration is upholding laws and telling people not to come over the southern border.

The DHS secretary then continued by saying the burden ultimately lies with Congress to approve laws to fix the immigration system that’s currently “broken.”

Raddatz responded by saying it’s unlikely to see this legislation from Congress and that seven in ten Border Patrol agents are having to be at detention centers, rather than overseeing the border itself.

Mayorkas, however, said a “good job” is being done, but that there’s room for improvement. He then pivoted by claiming that other nations like Costa Rica and Columbia are struggling with illegal immigration as well.

Pushback From the General Public
GOP lawmakers and officials have consistently been critical of how the federal government is currently handling the southern border. After Mayorkas’ latest remarks on ABC News, Republicans claimed he is mistaken and not, in fact, doing a good job on the border.

The increase in illegal immigration, along with migrant deaths on the southern border, was cited by GOP officials who believe the White House needs to do a better job.

Over the past several months, many GOP members of Congress have begun calling for Mayorkas to be impeached, due to all the problems on the southern border.