Disgraced Former NY Governor Calls Out Destructive Leftist Policies

Former New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo must be planning a comeback. The man forced out of office over multiple harassment claims and blamed for numerous deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic took dead aim at far leftists and the destruction they’ve wrought.

After nearly two years away from the spotlight, Cuomo appears to be angling to be reborn as a sort of Democratic moderate.

The trick will be finding exactly who would support him. Republicans abhorred his time in office and his pervasive media presence with his former CNN anchor brother Chris.

As for Democrats, Cuomo was not exactly a popular figure by the time he was run out of town. Despite this, he apparently has some supporters hanging on and still enough gumption to attempt to repair what became a deeply tarnished image.

Cuomo recently stated on his weekly podcast, “As a Matter of Fact…with Andrew Cuomo,” that Democrats have been negligent on crime.

He also posted a video originally on YouTube titled, “Ignoring Crime: The Opposite of Progress.” In the accompanying tweet, he admonished Democrats for ignoring crime and in the process hurting “the people you represent.”

The former governor charged that not only does his party not want to discuss crime, they don’t even want to “hear the word crime spoken.” He mimicked his colleagues by sarcastically claiming “there is no crime problem. It’s all Republican propaganda.”

He asserted that more than 70% of the “Black, Brown, and poor people are crime victims. That means they are also victims of Democrats’ “far-left politics.”

As a Democrat, this is clearly repositioning far to the right of the party’s mainstream.

Apart from podcasting and social media postings, Cuomo is also increasing his presence in the media. In an opinion piece published last week by the New York Daily News, the former governor tackled the issue of people voting with their feet by relocating from blue areas.

Among factors he cited were the pushes to “defund the police” and “tax the rich.” It does not help, Cuomo insisted, when cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco experience surging violent crime.

Between images of criminals and victims, homelessness, and urban decay, he said the everyday person sees the metropolitan areas as “out of control.”