DNC Chair Slams Republican Party as Built on ‘Fear, Fraud and Fascism’

Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison exploded on the Republican Party Saturday, alliteratively bashing it as being based on “fear, fraud, and fascism.”

Appearing on MSNBC’s The Cross Connection, whatever that is, Harrison responded to host Tiffany Cross’s questioning why so many voters want to hand power to right-wing extremists. He began by blaming complacency within the Democrats after winning the White House in 2020, saying that some feel they can “rest a little bit.”

But then the unhinged rant took over, as the DNC chair declared that “saving democracy” isn’t something a person can “take a vacation from.” Exaggerate much?

Then he launched into his “fear, fraud, and fascism” tirade, and apparently that’s Democrat’s best option for a bumper sticker message to resonate with voters come November. Harrison used that quote on MSNBC earlier in April in the same interview in which he described Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark) as a “little maggot-infested man.”

He also test-marketed the f-word-filled slogan in a SiriusXM interview in January before exclaiming that Democrats are the only thing protecting American democracy. To be fair, these could simply be the ravings of a man still bitter about losing to Sen. Lindsey Graham in 2020’s South Carolina senate race.

The former Democratic lobbyist lost despite a flood of out-of-state funding from national liberals that topped $100 million. Some in the mainstream media touted Harrison with a slight lead over Graham heading into his double-digit loss.

But back to his repeated claims of being the last line of defense for Western democracy. Is one of the ways his party is “protecting democracy” their announcement last week of the Disinformation Governance Board within the Department of Homeland Security?

Filtering information through government bureaucrats who decide what is truth and what is false? That’s a very interesting twist on protecting our American democracy.

Mr. Harrison is a fine spokesman for the Democratic Party, and with any luck will hold his position for a very long time. His description of his GOP counterparts, however, is not likely to gain traction in a country where people are free to see the results of one party’s programs and decide for themselves. And that is a democratic ideal worth saving.