Don Lemon Gets Tipsy And Calls Everyone Racists If They Don’t Like Him

The New Year’s Eve show is no longer what it once was. It used to be joyous and something you could watch at home and have just as much fun as everyone in the audience, but that’s no longer the case. Given the woke left and their inability to entertain and hold anyone’s attention for anything but cringeworthy content, Don Lemon (D-CNN) decided this was his moment to rant and rave about freedom.

Lemon decided to make things about race rather than end the year positively. Lemon pointed out that people didn’t like him because he’s a successful Black American man rather than his political views.

Lemon said he was “a little bit lit right now,” but not before he made an absolute ass of himself on live tv again.

“I don’t know what you think about me. What do you think about that?”

We think you’re an idiot. You’ve proven it time and time again. Your views go against the freedom that the United States brings to all of its citizens, and your political stance is radical and unstable.

Unfortunately, Lemon continued, “I am the person I am. I’m a mature, accomplished Black man that many people despise because they’re not used to seeing individuals like me or in my position.”

So, let’s discredit Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, Samuel L. Jackson, Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, Tyler Perry, Lil Wayne, David Goggins, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Terry Crews, and any other hyper-successful Black man? Are we doing this, Don? Don’t be ridiculous. You’re showing the entire world that you’re not a grown man.

Lemon didn’t stop there. “To be able to share what I – my point of view on television freaks people out. And you know what? You can kiss me behind. I do not care. I don’t care. I don’t care. I have one life. It is who I am, and I feel very, um…” then Dulcé Sloan, whoever that is, finished Lemon’s sentence with “blessed.”

Lemon said that the hate he gets is motivation. That’s not a good sign for the type of hate Lemon gets. It’s not hate because of any subjective opinion, but because he pushes socialism and segregation in society. That’s not okay.

Lemon encouraged people to riot during 2020 and decided he wanted to shun anyone who even says “election fraud,” especially if they speak positively about the January 6 Capitol Riots. It shouldn’t have happened, but to compare it to the 2020 riots is ridiculous. Everyone can see that Black Lives Matter and Antifa went way further than any January 6 rioter.

That’s how you know Don Lemon is full of garbage. Good luck in 2022, Lemon. Hopefully, you’ll be unemployed with the rest of CNN.