Donald Trump Mocked Congress and Republicans For Passing The Non-Infrastructure Bill

RINOs are the worst aspect of politics. Self-serving, cowardly traitors and losers who are more than happy to capitulate to the demands of our enemies. These men and women were elected to uphold the principles of a Constitutional Republic. Instead, they undermine it. Donald Trump said they should be embarrassed for helping the Democrats tank this economy. But they have no shame. 

By rescuing Joe Biden’s maladministration and the non-infrastructure bill Senate, Republicans preserved the anti-Presidency and rescued it from being perceived as a complete failure. Instead, he can take credit for the failure of this country and tanking our economy. 

Donald Trump rebuked and scolded the House and Senate Republicans who stabbed their voters in the back on Sunday. They supported the increased debt and spending that precipitated a national collapse by voting for anti-President Joe Biden’s bill. 

Trump expressed his extreme disappointment in RINOs. The House and Senate gave Biden and liberals a win on their Infrastructure Bill. Trump guaranteed that the top 11% of the spending in Biden’s $1.2 trillion bill goes toward genuine infrastructure, meaning the rest will end up in the pockets of Democrat friends, family, and donors. Of course, Democrat voters are thrilled with that because that is what they voted for. 

Democrats claim that they will deliver $550 billion toward America’s infrastructure. Good luck seeing even half of that amount show up in local districts. Remember the Obama pork-ulus bill? He dumped money on the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and had bizzarro blue state and liberal research carve-outs and spending like $300 million to combat physically transmitted diseases. 

Over five years, the liberals now claim to rebuild bridges and roads under the excellent leadership of the new father, Pete Buttigieg. Democrats also said that they would build broadband, water, and energy systems without raising taxes. But the Congressional Budget Office assessment has the bill increasing the deficit by $256 billion over the next ten years. 

Trump called out the 19 Republican Senators who helped Biden’s infrastructure bill pass the Senate in August. He also admonished the 13 Republican Representatives who aided Democrats in finalizing the bill’s passage this month. 

Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will attempt to roll this success into the Breaking Bad Better Plan as if over $1 trillion in spending is not enough. 

Republican legislators who voted for Democrat policies are despicable, according to Trump. By aiding the liberals, these spineless twits think that they are doing a magnificent act of compromise. They believe that they are so compassionate, but “they simply don’t get it!” 

The former president cautioned that Biden and leftists in Congress are never satisfied and would push for even more spending. 

Trump predicted that they’d go for the kill, getting another $1.9 trillion bills passed, totaling over $5 trillion in liberal spending with RINO support. He then went after Republican Senator Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell for buckling and permitting leftists the time to build and enact their party’s political future at our nation’s cost!