Donald Trump Warns About The ‘Not So Secret’ Taxes Joe Biden Is Forcing On Poor Americans

Democrats have been trading on counterfeit compassion for decades, convincing voters that they are “liberal” and care most about the plight of the poor.

But where is President Joe Biden’s bleeding heart for struggling households paying higher prices because of the drastic actions of Congress, Washington D.C. and state regulators, and the Federal Reserve Bank?

In a recent interview on Fox News’s “Hannity,” former president Donald Trump spoke up on behalf of Americans hard hit by the higher prices threatening America’s recovery from the last two years of coronavirus hysteria.

Democratic policies are what’s causing them in multiple, critical systemic aspects of the economy.

First of all, Trump went after the Marxist agenda-driven environmentalism that drives up energy prices by restricting the supply of electricity and increasing the costs of producing it.

The former president pointed to the rolling brownouts that recently plagued California’s power grid because supply could not keep up with the demand:

“Well, Sean, look at the brownouts all over California. It’s terrible. I mean all of this nonsense that they’re doing. They want to replace clean fossil fuels, where you have it clean, natural gas is very clean, but it’s powerful, it can take care of and fuel our country.”

Democratic policies that push up energy prices disproportionately hurt low-income households because energy is used to produce everything we buy. So increasing energy prices cause general price inflation across other sectors.

And while the super-rich hardly feel the pain of increasing prices, the middle class feels the squeeze, and the poor struggling to make it are broken by prices moving out of their reach.

They become dependent on the government and charity for support. They lose respect for themselves and their society. They also learned helplessness and dependency.

And they acquire a mindset unsuitable for their improvement and ability to independently survive and thrive as autonomous, capable, confident, competent individuals with ambitions and a bright future to work toward.

But the actual, big, ugly, not-so-secret, massive tax increase Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress are forcing on the American people is the price inflation caused by the Federal Reserve monetizing the U.S. Treasury’s debts on top of irresponsible, wasteful spending in Congress. Trump being Trump, was not afraid to come right out and say so:

“Remember the word inflation or stagflation if you’d like to say that, which is a step worse but remember inflation, what’s happening now with the prices is many times more than any possible tax increase that anybody could give.”

DJT continued: “But on top of that, in this new bill, they want tax increases. People are going to pay massive tax increases. And I’m not talking about the wealthy. I’m talking about everybody.”