Donald Trump Would Have Been ‘Accused Of Corruption’ If He Had Greenlighted Russia To Invade Ukraine

On Wednesday, in his news conference, Joe Biden spoke when discussing Russia and Ukraine. As you can see from the transcript, Biden’s foreign policy is one in which Russia influences him, and he has a personal grudge against the present Ukrainian administration. “It depends on what it does,” Biden answered when asked if sanctions will stop Vladimir Putin from attacking Ukraine.

“Big nations can’t bluff, number one,” Biden stated, rather than denying that notion. As a result, Biden’s statement to Putin that they would respond to any invasion, even a little intrusion, would be a bluff. “There are divisions in NATO in terms of what nations are ready to do based on what occurs,” Biden says. The President informed the world and Russia that they are prepared to commit to no strategic weapons in Ukraine and no NATO membership for Ukraine in the foreseeable future.

Biden waives sanctions on a gas pipeline that might destabilize Europe, which appears to be a gift to Putin from his President. The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline would link Russia and Germany without going through Ukraine. A US and EU ally Putin grabbed Crimea in 2014. Biden’s Democratic colleagues in Congress have long opposed the initiative, saying it would complicate future US foreign policy.

The questions that arise are, what could have possessed President Joe Biden to approach Russia and Ukraine as though they were two competing reality shows? What could compel Biden to rescind the one sanction that appears to be stalemating the Putin-Ukraine standoff? Following the press conference on Wednesday, the Kremlin seems unlikely to attack its western neighbor, at least in the areas occupied by ethnic Russians.

The Russia-leverage story persisted past the debunked dossier and into Trump’s presidency. A former CIA official’s appearance on MSNBC was discussed in May 2019 by Newsweek. According to Jeremy Bash, Trump’s foreign policy appears to be influenced by Russian “leverage over him.” According to The Atlantic, Trump lied when he declared immediately after his inauguration, “Russia is a farce.”

“The United States is in a perilous position,” Susan Hennessey says, “where the American President is aware that a hostile foreign adversary may have devastating politically devastating, and potentially legally and criminally devastating repercussions, if not for him, then for members of his family or organization.” When then-Vice President Joe Biden was tasked with dealing with Ukraine in 2014, his son joined a Kyiv-based gas business board. A scathing report on his actions would be released later by the Senate’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. According to a Senate investigation, Hunter Biden’s firm, Burisma, is accused of paying a $7 million bribe to the Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office.